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My mission is to increase the health and well-being of you and your animals by addressing both of your musculo-skeletal systems, eliminating areas of myofascial imbalance and dysfunction, improving overall health and performance.

Benefits of Chiropractic

Many people may think of Chiropractors as doctors who treat nothing but neck and back pain. Although we do treat a great deal of back pain, and very successfully, I might add, spinal pain is just a very small part of what we chiropractors do for you. Chiropractic focuses on the maintainance of a healthy nervous system and how spinal health effects the health of your entire body. A chiropractic spinal correction adjusts the vertebral column in order to effect the nervous system and lead to a healthy body overall. Every organ system in your body is controlled by your nervous system. If your spine is aligned, those systems work at peak performance.

If you have ANY questions regarding any aspect of your health, please go to CONTACT ME and submit a question. All questions will be handled confidentially and answered personally by Dr. Rosen.

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